There Has to Be a Better Way

Traditional cabinetry handles the process of assembling cabinets in the shop before shipment to the place of installation. Assembling with a variety of fasteners also makes post-laminating an added process to complete the final product. Because traditional cabinets are shipped fully assembled, they take up extra freight space and require installers to carry large, assembled cabinets into the location of installment. After years of dealing with the many challenges of traditional cabinetry, we set out to make the entire process, from ordering to installation, more efficient and smooth as a whole.


Sample Kits

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It Just Makes Sense

Cabinetry doesn't have to be complicated. We don't deal with fax machines, we don't mess with multiple fasteners, and we don't break our budget with shipping. We only add value where necessary and ensure every aspect of cabinetry is as efficient as possible. Whether you're a national multi-family home developer or a small cabinet shop owner, our components make your work simple.


Order Online

Order completely online: no printing, no faxing, no headache. Simply follow the link to create an account and view our catalog. Select your items through easy to navigate options and submit your order. We'll call to confirm your selections.



We don't compromise on efficiency and we will never compromise on quality. Our materials are sourced from only the top lumber suppliers in the industry. Flat pack shipping takes the dings and scratches out of shipping assembled cabinets.


Low Shipping Costs

Shipping assembled cabinets allows for too much hollow space. All of our cabinets are flat packed, making the most of every inch of shipping space available. Cut your shipping costs drastically with our fully kitted shipments.


Faster Than Ever

Get products out of the shop and into your customers’ hands 60-70% faster using minimal, if any, fasteners. Only Lockdowel construction.


Minimal Tools

Forget the messy glue gun and leave behind the major tools. Provide the same high quality cabinets to your customers without the cost of all the extra machinery and tools.


Scale Now

Scale your shop and increase capacity without taking on debt or investing in expensive equipment. We're built to meet the demand of your customers and more.


Assemble On Site

Scrap the tools, the storage of assembled product, and added hours of specialized labor. As the expert in Lockdowel, we offer a system to build cabinets quickly and intuitively directly on site, in unit. Lock, slide, assembled.


Stop Sorting

Our cabinets are uniquely delivered kitted, per unit and per cabinet. All the parts for one cabinet are flat packed, wrapped, labeled, and ready for quick assembly.


Simple Maintenance

Save money by replacing only the parts you need, never extra. Save time with concise order history easily accessible on your own time. Our online ordering platform allows for seamless track order history for long term, reliable maintenance.


Eliminate Milling

Drop the hassle of adding operations, routing, or cutting out any additional parts. Everything needed to build our product is pre milled accordingly.


Less Labor

We know that high costs of labor are one of the easiest ways to take a project over budget. That's why our components are manufactured with Lockdowel technology, making sure assembly is completely intuitive for anyone and everyone.


Laminated Assembly

Ultimate Cabinet Components require no exterior fasteners, so our partners never have to waste time or money on laminating cabinets after they're built.


Become Truly Efficient

Cabinetry excellence is what we strive for from start to finish.

Partner with us and transform your cabinets piece by piece.