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We Help Cabinet Shops Scale


We've been there. 

We've been the successful cabinet shop for numerous years. Great systems, loyal customers, and happy employees. We never compromised on our product and were always confident in our customer relationships. Regardless of our best efforts and diligence, there were always those projects that seemed to run a little late. As far as capital goes, there was never quite enough in the bank to feel totally secure. With traditional cabinetry the amount of tools, equipment and specialized labor limited our growth capacity.

We knew there was a way to get ahead. A way to be the owner of your shop, not just working in it. 


Sustain Your Craft

Scale your cabinet shop

Through our commitment to innovate, we've made it simple for cabinet shops to get past the constraints of traditional cabinetry assembly, while increasing the quality and durability of the final product. Sustain your craft, while equipping your business for the technological demands of the future. Optimize your processes to make operations smoother and more intuitive. Give yourself more time to delight customers and work on growing your business, rather than just working in it.


Just Say No


No Milling

Drop the hassle of adding operations, routing, or cutting out any additional parts. Everything needed to build our product is pre milled accordingly. 


No Post Laminating

Ultimate Cabinet Components require no exterior fasteners, so our partners never have to waste time or money on laminating their cabinets after they're built. 


Minimal Tools

Forget the messy glue gun and leave behind the major tools. Provide the same high quality cabinets to your customers without the cost of all the extra machinery and tools. 


No Part sorting

Say goodbye to searching through piles of parts. Cabinets are delivered fully kitted. Packaged per cabinet, and per unit, ready for quick, on-site assembly. 


Faster Than Ever

Get products out of the shop and into your customers hands 60-70% faster using minimal, if any, fasteners. Just Lockdowel construction. 


No Capital

Scale your shop and increase capacity without taking on debt or investing in expensive equipment. We're built to meet the demand of your customers' and then some.


Build a Career


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