Changing the Industry

We believe time spent on unnecessary work isn't time well spent. Just because cabinetry has always used a variety of fasteners doesn't mean we should. Just because cabinet shops have always taken orders through fax machines doesn't mean it has to be that complicated. Just because cabinets have always been shipped assembled doesn't mean it's cost effective.

Ultimate Cabinet Components are designed to change the logistics of cabinetry without compromising the art.


Why our processes are so successful

From ordering to delivery to assembly and onto long term maintenance, we've simplified cabinetry to help any project succeed, no matter how big or small. We implement the latest technology to make our components higher quality, more cost effective, and more accessible to our customers. The result is an intuitive cabinet built with less time, less money, and no headaches.



We are one of the few in the industry with ordering completely online: no printing, no faxing. Simply create an account and begin ordering directly from our catalog. Select your items through an easy to navigate dashboard and confirm your order. We are always a phone call away if you need assistance.



Say goodbye to late deliveries, a pile of parts, and long days of sorting. Our products are uniquely delivered fully kitted. Our cabinet components are packaged per cabinet and per unit. All components are flat packed, wrapped, labeled, and ready for quick, on-site assembly. 



As the Lockdowel expert, our cabinet components assemble without any hassle. Assembly requires no specialized labor, helping you stay on budget. Assembly happens on-site and in unit, so storage for big projects is never an issue. For every project, it's as simple as lock, slide, assembled. 



Every order placed on our platform is tracked instantly and is easily accessible whenever you need it. If you ever run into a maintenance need for even just a single component, it's ready to be built and shipped in no time. Save money by replacing only the parts you need, never extra.


Cabinets Simplified

Optimize the way You Build

Ultimate Cabinet Components are intuitive, easy to manage, and completely efficient. Taking back time and lowering your costs has never been easier. Create an account and order your next project today.