Logistics Simplified

Finish Projects Faster


Streamline Your Projects

Cut Cabinetry costs 

Whether its a 200 unit project or 1,000 units, the setbacks and costs that slow you down can seem endless. Any opportunity to gain control of your projects is something that must be capitalized on. An ordering process that's a headache to navigate, delayed delivery, high shipping costs, limited space on site for product, damaged goods, part sorting, and specialized labor all add up to time lost and money wasted. It's the little things that allow you to get ahead and provide the excellence your projects demand. 

We take care of the little things so you can tackle the big things.  


Every time.

On Budget. On Time. Done Right.


Making Logistics Logical Again. 

Your time and money matter, so efficiency isn't an option. From the moment you order our cabinets, to the instillation of the final product, our processes are intuitive and streamlined to save you time and frustration. Our committed customer service ensures a single point of contact with quick response times that won't leave you punching numbers on a phone.

Reduce the paperwork on your projects and equip your team for the technological demands of today. 


Be The Efficient Contractor


Online ordering

Order completely online: no printing, no faxing, no headache. Simply follow the link to create an account and view our catalog. Select your items through easy to navigate options and submit your order. We'll call to confirm your selections.


On Site assembly

Scrap the tools, the storage of assembled product, and added hours of specialized labor. As the expert in Lockdowel, we offer a nearly toolless, fastenerless system to build cabinets quickly and intuitively directly on site, in unit. Lock, slide, assembled.


Durable product

We don't compromise on efficiency and we will never compromise on quality. Our materials are sourced from only the top lumber suppliers in the industry. Flat pack shipping takes the dings and scratches out of shipping assembled cabinets.


Complete kits

Say goodbye to piles of parts and long days of sorting. Our products are uniquely delivered fully kitted and packaged by cabinet and by unit. All the parts for one cabinet are flat packed, wrapped, labeled, and ready for quick assembly.


lower shipping costs

Shipping assembled cabinets allows for too much hollow space. All of our cabinets are flat packed, making the most of every inch of shipping space available. Cut your shipping costs drastically with Ultimate Cabinet Components fully kitted shipments.


Easy Maintenance

Save time with concise order history easily accessible on your own time. Our online ordering platform allows for seamless track order history for long term, reliable maintenance. Save money by replacing only the parts you need, never extra.