“Can’t never did something 'til you tried.”

The son of a construction company owner”, Ultimate Cabinet Components Founder, Jeff Finney often heard this while working with his father as a child. Today, he not only shares this attitude with his own kids, but within his company and outward on to his customers.

Ultimate Cabinet Components combines a dedication to values of the past with a dedication to innovations for the future. They push the limits in efficiency and innovation, without compromising integrity and committed customer service. This combination aims to grow and improve the cabinet making industry, all while simplifying things for those most involved in it.


Simplify to sustain

The expert in Lockdowel components, Ultimate Cabinet Components provides the quickest turnaround and highest quality components to produce a nearly toolless, fastenerless system to build cabinets intuitively.

Ultimate Cabinet Components works towards their vision of becoming the most efficient cabinet component manufacturer in the world to sustain the art of cabinetry while equipping it for the technological demands of the future. Ultimate Cabinet Components looks forward to helping your business and projects thrive for years to come.



What we do

Increasing Value. Decreasing Stress.

Our mission is for customers to be able to double capacity without having to do anything other than ordering their parts. We've dealt with the many frustrations of cabinetry: low capital, high shipping costs, and everything else that always seems to keep you from getting ahead. We remove the constraints and allow our partners to deliver their product in a shorter amount of time for less cost. 



How we do it. 

Progress without compromise. 

We lead the way in modern cabinetry by using the latest technologies throughout our business to save customers time, space, and money. Processes are simplified to help our partners' projects succeed, only adding value to the parts that we need to add value to. Most importantly, we do whatever it takes to get a job done. We provide quality in a timely manner and always respond to your service needs. 


Innovation to Create Efficiency

Integrity to Provide Committed Customer Service



A commitment to leading the way in modern cabinetry Using the latest technologies throughout our business to ensure quality and timely delivery.


Saving customers time, space, and money. From ordering to delivery to assembly and onto maintenance, Each process is simplified to make projects succeed.


Only adding value to the parts that we need to add value to. Nothing more. Nothing Less.

Committed Customer Service

Doing whatever it takes to get a job done right. Always Available to service and respond to your needs.