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The Ultimate Cabinet Components

Efficiency is Our Priority

We believe time spent on unnecessary work isn't time well spent. Ultimate Cabinet Components are designed to change the logistics of cabinetry without compromising the art. We cut cabinet assembly time by 60% and use a fraction of the freight space when shipping our components. Our customers always stay on budget because our cabinets require no specialized labor.


Simple Cabinet Components

Cabinetry doesn't have to be complicated. We don't deal with fax machines, we don't mess with multiple fasteners, and we don't break our budget with shipping. We only add value where necessary and ensure every aspect of cabinetry is as efficient as possible. Whether you're a national multi-family home developer or a small cabinet shop owner, our components make your work simple.


Save TIme

All of our components are built with Lockdowel construction, nearly eliminating the need for tools, fasteners, and milling. This allows our cabinets to be assembled 60% faster than traditional assembly methods.


Save Money

Stay on budget with cabinet components that require no specialized labor from start to finish. Assembly takes place on site and in unit, taking up less freight space when shipping your order.


No Headaches

Order any component directly from our online catalog: no printing, no faxing, no headache. Products are delivered kitted. Packaged per cabinet and per unit, so you you'll never waste time part sorting again.


Lock. Slide. Assembled.


Changing the Industry

How it WOrks

From ordering to delivery to assembly, we've simplified cabinetry to help any project succeed, no matter how big or small. We implement the latest technology to make our components higher quality, more cost effective, and more accessible to our customers. The result is an intuitive cabinet built with less time, less money, and no headaches.


Order Cabinet components Online

We are one of the few in the industry with ordering completely online: no printing, no faxing. Simply create an account and begin ordering directly from our catalog. Select your items through an easy to navigate dashboard and confirm your order. We are always a phone call away if you need assistance.


Low COst Delivery

Shipping assembled cabinets allows for too much hollow space. All of our cabinets are flat packed, making the most of every inch of freight space available. Every shipment is packaged per cabinet and per unit. Cut your shipping costs drastically with Ultimate Cabinet Components fully kitted shipments.


Quick Cabinet Assembly

As the Lockdowel expert, our cabinet components assemble using minimal, if any, tools or fasteners. Assembly requires no specialized labor, helping you stay on budget. Assembly happens on-site and in unit, so storage for big projects is never an issue. For every project, it's as simple as lock, slide, assembled.


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Cabinet Shops

Finally Get Ahead

Through our commitment to innovate, we've made it simple for cabinet shops to get past the constraints of traditional cabinetry assembly, while increasing the quality and durability of the final product. Sustain your craft, while equipping your business for the technological demands of the future. Optimize your processes to make operations smoother and more intuitive. Give yourself more time to delight customers and work on growing your business, rather than just working in it.



Logistics Simplified

Your time and money matter, so efficiency isn't an option. From the moment you order our cabinets, to the instillation of the final product, our processes are intuitive and streamlined to save you time and frustration. Our committed customer service ensures a single point of contact with quick response times that won't leave you punching numbers on a phone. Reduce the paperwork on your projects and equip your team for the technological demands of today.


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